Town Meeting Process

We need your support but we really need you and your spouse to show up.


We will update this page for the Special Town Meeting for 2014 when we have that information but the general guidelines about showing up to vote for a Town Meeting are important.

Q. Why is it so important that I vote yes (loudly) at the Special Town Meeting on Tuesday, November 13, 7:00pm @ Scituate High School?
 A. Town meetings are not like going to a ballot to cast a vote.  You have to sit and listen and say your vote out loud.  For this vote, you have to be at town meeting in person.  There is no absentee ballot available. There is a moderator that is responsible for maintaining order and decorum during the meeting.

The meeting is in the Scituate High School gym.  You go around the back of the high school then follow the crowds in.

We were told by town Selectmen to expect about 1,000 people at this Special Town Meeting.  The article we are concerned with is #3.  Votes can require a simple or 2/3rds majority.  We understand this article just needs a simple majority, which is why we have been shooting for around 600 people to be at the meeting to support it.

The way our town government works is that there are 5 elected selectmen, a hired town administrator that works for them, and a 7 person advisory board.  The Town Moderator will ask a Selectman to read the article as written.  A member of the Selectmen and Advisory board will then speak at the request of the moderator to provide the town their respective boards’ opinion in the form of how many members were in agreement and if there were any dissenting opinions.

The town moderator then calls for vote after opening the floor up for comments (opposition to this will get up and talk and we plan to have a few people get up to talk in support of it).

Then we all shout AYE (not yes but Aye, opposition to it says Nay) and based upon the response heard, the moderator will determine which side was more vocal in response.  Someone in the audience or the moderator can then call for a hand vote and then you hold up the colored piece of paper you were given when you checked in (by last name) and they can do a count of the hands.  This is why it is important for people to be there and to shout it.

It is absolutely critical to get as many people as possible physically at the town meeting to vote YES (AYE) loudly.  Also, once the vote is done, you must stay until the article is closed.  It is possible for the article to be reconsidered.  That means the article could be re-voted.  If by chance many of the residents who voted YEA leave and many of the residents who voted NAY stay, the vote could be overturned depending on the number of residents who remain.  As a courtesy, there should be a few articles reviewed and voted on before requesting to reconsider a previously voted article.

FREE BABYSITTING:  Drop your children off at entrance B5 of the High School building.  A sign will be posted.  Before your children can enter the Babysitting Room, you will need to:

  1. •Show I.D.;
  2. •Sign each child in by filling out the Sign-In Sheet provided;
  3. •Apply a name tag to each child.

CPR-certified and CORI-checked adults along with middle and high school student volunteers will staff the Babysitting Room.


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