Town of Scituate

Scituate Public Schools

Gates Intermediate School

MSBA(Massachusettes School Building Authority)

Statement of Interest(SOI) sent to MSBA


21st Century School Fund has a detailed guidebook  “For Generations to Come”.

A Leadership Guide to Renewing Public School Buildings

Many websites contain good information about school buildings; the most comprehensive is the National Clearinghouse for Educational Facilities.
National Clearing House for Educational Facilities
The NCEF has a report Creating Accessible Schools.

CONTACT your lawmakers. A broad coalition of organizations has crafted a message for Congress calling for more federal funding for school repairs and renovations. Send your own letter through Fix America’s Schools Today. Fix America’s Schools Today

If you’re worried that your child’s school might contain mold or toxic chemicals, go to Healthy Schools Network, where you’ll find a checklist of steps to take.
Healthy Schools Network Inc.

How does Indoor Air Quality impact student health and academic performance? EPA website


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