News Articles

Publisher Headline Date
Wicked Local Scituate School Committee: Hebert chosen chairman 5/9/13
Wicked Local Scituate Schools: nineteen appointed to school building committee 1/31/13
Boston Globe Scituate officials hope for quick timeline to renovate middle school 12/15/12
Wicked Local Scituate Schools: Initial MSBA requirements given 12/13/12
Wicked Local Scituate Town Hall:Feasibility study approved 11/15/12
Boston Globe Scituate takes definitive first step towards replacing Gates school 11/14/12
Wicked Local MSBA invites Scituate Public Schools into Eligibility Period 11/14/12
Patriot Ledger Scituate’s middle school project gets early OK from state 11/14/12
Patriot Ledger Big turnout in Scituate to support middle school project 11/14/12
Patriot Ledger Scituate voters approve middle school study 11/13/12
Boston Globe Scituate Town Meeting decision on Gates school will have broad implications 11/10/12
Wicked Local Scituate Town Hall:Steering Committee Members Appointed 10/25/12
Wicked Local Scituate Schools Superintendent:Goal Setting 10/25/12
Wicked Local Scituate Schools: School Committee Discusses Goals 10/10/12
Boston Globe Initial Study of Scituate’s Gates School Suggests Over $20 million Price Tag 10/9/12
Wicked Local Town Hall Could Fit in Gates Building 10/4/12
Wicked Local Gates Middle School: Gateway to Improvement 10/3/12
Wicked Local Marshfield Tax Bills Coming Early
Marshfield locked in a 2.25% rate on their bond.
Boston Globe Marshfield breaks ground for $103.9 million high school
Marshfield is being reimbursed for 55.6% of their eligible expenses
Wicked Local Scituate Schools: Planning Ahead with ‘Vision’ 9/20/12
Boston Globe Three Towns to Take up School Questions 9/13/12
Boston Globe In Plymouth, a surge of school pride 8/30/12
Parade Magazine Special Report: Rebuilding America’s Schools 8/12/12
Boston Globe Scituate residents urge officials to begin master plan 6/21/12
Wicked Local Scituate Master Plan: Meeting is First Step 6/21/12
Patriot Ledger Don’t Delay Master Plan, Scituate Residents Say  6/19/12
 WATD-FM Scituate: Consultants present results of Gates Middle School Feasibility Study  3/7/12
Patriot Ledger State will be alerted about Scituate School’s Deficiency 12/21/11
 Wicked Local Scituate’s Gates School: Committee to form to look at improving or building new  11/23/11
Boston Globe Scituate school officials seek community, town administration support for Gates Intermediate School fixes  11/28/11

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