Did you know?

In 2010 a survey was given to the students at Gates asking them to list three things they felt must be in place and/or exist in their school for learning to occur.  233 students out of 349 (67%) made at least one comment about the physical environment of the Gates Intermediate School.  Some of their responses follow:

  • Heat should work in every classroom
  • Working water fountains
  • Clean bathrooms that have stall doors and lock
  • Working sinks
  • Lockers that work and are functional
  • Safe environment
  • Quiet environment so you can’t hear the neighboring classroom
  • Healthy environment
  • “Nice” classrooms
  • Capped sewer pipes outside to prevent smells from entering the classroom when windows are open
  • Computers to use in the classrooms
  • More technology

The kids are telling us they want to learn in an effective environment.
Will we listen?

Other Towns on the South Shore have re-invested in their educational facilities.
See what Scituate’s neighbors have done or are planning to do:

  • Hanover built a new High School in 2011 replacing the previous facility,
    which opened in 1958.
  • Marshfield voted in February 2011 to replace its High School that was
    built in 1967.
  • Hingham voted in April 2011 to fund the feasibility design of a new
    Middle School and the town approved the funding in October 2011. Hingham’s
    current Middle School was built in 1962.
  • Duxbury broke ground on a new combined Middle and High school in June
    2012 to replace a High School that was built in 1968 and Middle School that
    opened in 1961.
  • Norwell built a new middle school in 2002.
  • Hull’s schools have all been renovated since 2001. Hull High School was
    opened in 1957 and renovations were done in 2005. Their Middle School was built
    in 1948 and renovations were completed in 2001. Their Elementary School was
    opened in 1969 and renovated in 2007.
  • Cohasset has either built or renovated their schools since 1998.
    Cohasset built a school to house pre-k through 2nd grade in 1998. Cohasset
    Middle and High School were built in 1950 and renovated in 2004. Their
    Elementary School was opened in 1950 and renovated in 2003.

The age of Scituate’s schools follow:

  • Scituate High School was built in 1959.
  • Gates Intermediate School was built in 1916.
  • Cushing Elementary was built in 1965.
  • Hatherly Elementary was built in 1963.
  • Jenkins Elementary was built in 2003.
  • Wampatuck Elementary was built in 1957.

Each year Boston Magazine ranks the quality of schools of the 200 towns and cities inside I-495. Scituate was not in the top 50 High Schools within the  I-495 area and unlike many of our neighbors we have not been in the top 50 at any point over the past five years.

To conduct their evaluation they look at a number of factors and consider
performance on the MCAS, SATs, AP exams, graduation rates, the percentage of
students who go to college, student-teacher ratio, per-pupil spending, number of
sports and clubs offered. The following summarizes Scituate High School’s
academic performance relative to neighboring Towns for each of the past 5 years:

  • 2008: Duxbury (#32), Cohasset (#33), Hingham (#40), Marshfield (#41), Hanover
    (#46), Hull (#57), Norwell (#83), and Scituate (#93)
  • 2009: Cohasset (#21), Hingham (#27), Norwell (#40), Duxbury (#42), Hanover
    (#43), Hull (#51), Scituate (#56), and Marshfield (#73)
  • 2010: Cohasset (#17), Hingham (#30), Norwell (#33), Duxbury (#34), Hanover
    (#41), Hull (#44), Scituate (#68), and Marshfield (#75)
  • 2011: Cohasset (#13), Duxbury (#27), Norwell (#39), Hingham (#44), Hull (#49),
    Hanover (#60), Scituate (#65), and Marshfield (#74)
  • 2012*: Cohasset (#29), Norwell (#30), Hingham (#32), and Duxbury (#33)

*In 2012 Boston Magazine only ranked the top 50 High Schools in Massachusetts.


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