Vote YES to support our schools and town

Special Town Meeting
Tuesday, November 13th
Scituate HighSchool Gym, 7 PM

FREE Babysitting Provided

 What is the vote about?

  •   A YES vote will help Scituate gain admission into the Massachusetts School Building Authority’s (MSBA) process to obtain millions of dollars of state funds.
  •  A YES vote does NOT raise your taxes.  This vote will allocate existing funds to a required MSBA feasibility study.
  •  With enough YES votes, the MSBA will reimburse Scituate for around 50% of the study cost and any eventual building or renovation!  A YES vote gets you a HUGE, once-in-a-lifetime coupon for millions of dollars of state money (if the vote does not pass we will not be offered another chance to receive these state funds).
  •  Voting YES to work with the MSBA provides so much more!  The MSBA process includes an educational vision plan for all of our schools and related school buildings.  In the end, we will have specific costs and detailed plans for the most efficient and effective solutions.  By taking advantage of MSBA expertise, we leverage what they have learned tackling these issues all over the State.  Simply put, we don’t “reinvent the wheel” or repeat mistakes made by other communities.
  •  A YES vote will be a parallel step in the town’s master plan of building improvements. Without state funds for the school, we may not be able to afford a new senior center or police/fire center.  This is a multimillion-dollar opportunity!
  •  All of our neighboring towns on the South Shore have voted YES to new school buildings; if we don’t take this opportunity now it will impact our property values.  Why would families choose Scituate over neighboring communities? We are educating our children in a 20th century environment while our neighbors have moved to the 21st century.
  • Unfortunately, for this vote, you have to be at town meeting in person.  The articles are voted on by asking residents to respond “aye” or “nay”.  If you are not there your vote does not count and there is no absentee ballot available.

What is Wrong with the Gates Middle School?

  •  It is 96 years old and overcrowded with just 7th and 8th grades.
  •  Major problems with accessibility, air quality, classroom sizes, safety, technology and currently costing taxpayers excessive dollars to heat.

To see for yourself, please go to 

Friends of Scituate’s Future A community group dedicated to improving our town


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